Aluminum Docks At Golden Boat Lifts Are Of The Highest Quality.


Our Roll-In dock is the perfect solution for applications that require seasonal removal. Our docks offer a wide range of configurations for water depths up to 9.5 feet.  Its robust heavy-duty design can handle rough conditions yet it is still light enough for easy removal. Our screw-jack legs allow for effortless leveling of the dock from above with a cordless drill. The extruded accessory track allows you to easily install our accessories anywhere on the dock


Roll-In Dock offers multiple accessories for both our Roll-In & Sectional docks as well as our boat lifts, allowing you to customize your dock and lift to your individual needs. We strive to make your day on the water easier and more enjoyable by enhacing your experience with our premium accessories. Whether you need dock stairs, kayak racks, dock bumpers, cleats, canopies, motorstops or bowstops, we have you covered.

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