Kayak Launch by Golden Boat Lifts supports kayaks up to 350 pounds.

You want to glide on the water, enjoy the waves, breathe in the fresh air, and make little discoveries as you explore in your kayak. But getting in your kayak is another story. Your dock is too high to safely launch. Everything wobbles. Using your ladder to launch would be very awkward.

Are these issues stopping you from using your kayak as much as you normally would without any aggravation?

The Kayak Launch developed and built by Golden Boat Lifts offers a simple solution that will have you on the water in no time — and takes up little space!

The welded aluminum launch is stable. It has a brake winch and grab rails to make for smooth boarding and exiting — whether you are a novice or expert.

The bunks adjust for varying kayak widths so it’s as though the launch was custom built for you!


  • Simple Installation.
  • Available in 5 and 7 Step.
  • Welded Aluminum Construction / Stainless Steel Cables.
  • Supports Kayaks Up To 250 Pounds.
  • 4′ or 6′ Travel Distance Available.
  • Adjustable Bunks For Varying Kayak Width.
  • Adapts To Fluctuating Water Levels.
  • Brake Winch Controls Up-And-Down Movement.
  • Grab Rails Provide Stability During Boarding.


For a number of months, I was looking for an easy way to safely launch my kayak on the canal behind my house. Since there was a seawall in place, there was no ramp or beach from which to launch, and I need to have the kayaks stable when getting in and out. My dock was too high to use, and the dock ladder didn’t provide proper access either. I needed to add something to the dock or seawall to hold the kayak steady for entry and exit.

After a good deal of research on the Internet as well as visits to various retail stores, I had to determine the best solution was a floating dock that would hold the kayak in place while making it easy for me to climb in and out. However, the better floating docks were both expensive and large, and would require periodic cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, floating docks tend to be tippy and unstable. At this point in my search a friend told me that the company that had installed my doc boat left, Golden Manufacturing, had just begun marketing a new concept for kayak launches. When I contacted Golden and saw their product, I realize this was exactly the device I needed.

The launch is both simple and effective. Entire assembly takes little space, as few moving parts, and does exactly what it’s supposed to. It provides a stable platform for the kayak and permits me to easily enter next the construction is first rate and the company stands ready to assist after the sale and installation.

I couldn’t be happier with this launch. It is so much better than any other alternative that I can’t imagine I ever seriously considered the other launches on the market.

David Sim

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green kayak on Golden Kayak Launch

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