Deck Lifts

Deck Lifts At Golden Boat Lifts Are Of The Highest Quality.

Deck Lifts | Adds versatility and convenience

Golden Deck Lift Options

  • Anti-Slip Decking
  • Available in Various Colors
  • Decks can be custom built to fit all Golden Boat Lift Capacities
  • Adds convenience for complete access to your personal watercraft or boat
  • Eco-Friendly; does not block sunlight which allows the sea-grass to grow
  • The Sea-Drive is warranted for 10 years and has 8,000 inch pounds of torque so we can use a 3.5″ winder vs. a 2.375″ winder

The Golden Deck Lift Provides The Ultimate In Versatility

Kayak Lift

Boat Lift


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