Golden Accessories

Accessories At Golden Boat Lifts Are Of The Highest Quality.

Boat Lift Accessories | Boarding platforms, steps, covers, and more.

Golden Accessories

Top Beam Cover

Commonly used in a low profile installation so that the top beam can be used as a walk platform. Made to fit each specific lift size.

Remote Controls

Standard and auto-stop remote controls for added convenience when raising and lowering your boat.

Stern Platform

Made to provide access to your outdrives or motors. Standard length is 16'.

Bunk Risers

Used to elevate the bunk to meet specific boat manufacturers' specifications.

Optional Aluminum Bunks

Aesthetically pleasing option to the standard carpeted wood bunk.

Tide Guides

Designed to keep the cradle in place in high current situations. Mounted on all four corners of your cradle beams, they will follow the piles keeping the cradle in place.

Cable Keepers

Designed to keep the cable running in the grooves, very helpful for rough water situations. These are optional on any 4-Post or 8-Post lifts.


Made to give greater access to your boat and to attach to our standard walkways. Standard sizes: 2, 3 and 4 step (8" step rise). Larger sizes are available upon request. Hand rails can be added if required.


Used to allow greater access to your boat for boarding and cleaning. Standard width 15.5", lengths up to 30'.

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