In over 20,000 Golden Sea-Drives® manufactured, not one has ever failed. While most companies would rest on their laurels with such an impressive statistic, Golden Boat Lifts didn’t. Striving to continually improve its products, it enhanced its ultra-reliable drive with more torque and even greater corrosion protection.

Made in the USA, the Golden Sea-Drive still utilizes its proven double reduction worm gears so there are no chains to break or belts to slip. It’s engineered so that the main gear that supports the load will never back drive, eliminating the need for unreliable electronic brakes.

While the Golden Sea-Drive has always been a low-maintenance item, it now boasts a heavier cast housing made from a new alloy for greater corrosion resistance. To improve internal component lubrication, it’s packed with high-viscosity grease that won’t leak from the unit, even on the hottest days. Even the bearing caps have been improved and are now 300-series stainless steel. The drive bolt is 5/8″ oversized hardened steel.

First introduced in 2008, the Golden Sea-Drive is backed by a 10-year warranty. A video is at

Golden Boat Lifts is the only aluminum frame boat lift company to be ISO 9001:2015 accredited. It manufactures a wide range of freestanding and pile- and wall-mounted models that accommodate up to 240,000 lbs. They’re used by private, municipal, commercial and military customers worldwide.

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