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Tornado Boat Lifts

Tornado Lifts, Golden’s free-standing hydraulic lift option, are designed for fresh and salt water, with the best warranty on both frame and hydraulics.

Tornado Lift Capacity

  •   2,000 lbs
  •   4,500 lbs
  •   6,000 lbs
  •   8,000 lbs
  •   10,000 lbs
  •   12,000 lbs
  •   15,000 lbs
  •   18,000 lbs

Larger Capacities Available Upon Request


  • Hardened Stainless Axles with Nylatron Sleeves.
  • Highest Lift Travel at 6.5′ of Rise
  • Long Range Wireless Remote with 2 Transmitters
  • Marine Grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Aluminum Bunks With Rubber Capped Adjustable Inserts.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders with Stainless Steel Shafts.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Shafts are Protected with the Exclusive Air Bellows
  • Larger Structural Components Prevent Flex and Wear; our Lifts are much Heavier than all Others.

Tornado Lift Design

We weld all components that are not adjustable, which prevents premature loosening of parts and there is no contact of dissimilar metals in a salt water environment, we enclose our hydraulic shafts in our exclusive Air Bellow. The ‘Air Bellows’ prevent any harmful particles and marine growth from damaging the hydraulic cylinders, seals and shafts.

We use only Neptune AW Series Polyalkylene Glycol Hydraulic fluid.  It is the only hydraulic fluid commercially available that passes the US EPA 40 CFR 435 static sheen test, is 100 % water soluble and meets the strict guidelines of the US Fish & Wildlife Service as non-toxic.

Engineering Specs.

Tornado Lift Photo Gallery

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