Boat lift reviews for four post boat lifts and eight post boat lifts.

Boat lift reviews for elevator boat lifts and jet ski lifts.

August, 2019

I just LOVE both of the items.  Tony’s guys installed the platform and the folding boarding step last week, and I am just blown away by the quality. I feel 10x safer now with these two items, they make boarding and cleaning my boat convenient now. I can’t put a price on my safety. Both are invaluable and my wife is just thrilled with that folding step.

I also wanted to thank Marty, who was really very helpful.  I already told Marty, my next boat lift will be a Golden.

Keith Kelly

December, 2018

We would like to commend Golden Boat Lifts and their very informative staff for inviting us to your manufacturing plant in Fort Myers.

We were welcomed to view the manufacturing operation. They had a lift there for us to see. Staff members gave us a demonstration on how it operates and how it would perform into our location.

The Tornado Boat Lift recommended and chosen by us was installed on our property. Staff members of Golden were present and very helpful and informative to the workers who positioned the lift.

Bill and Golden Boat Lift staff, we again thank you for such a nice product and being so knowledgeable and professional, this lift is such a complement to our real estate.

Walter W Tamulis
Naples, Florida

December, 2018

Jessica & Kirby (Ocean City Boat Lifts),

Thank you for all your help and providing me with a quality job & boat lift. I know I will enjoy it as I prepare to move into my “Golden Years” of retirement.

Best Wishes!

Barry Hart

December, 2018

I want to thank all of you for such a great purchase. I want to tell you that I greatly appreciate all of your professionalism. I also need to thank you for your communication with me throughout the process. Working with you really showed me that you cared about our relationship and I really felt like you valued me as a customer. Please tell Randy I am very pleased. I truly feel I bought the best boat lift from the best company.

Chris Beck

December, 2018

Couldn’t be happier with the lift and the professionalism of everyone at OC Boatlifts. I’m in Captains cove on Scimitar way. The new lift replaced an ACE lift that prematurely failed because it was not installed correctly by another company. The new elevator lift is awesome.

Bob McLaughlin

October, 2017

It is very easy for me to give the highest recommendation for Golden Boat Lifts and their entire team here in the South Florida. I have had a 20,000 lbs boat on a Golden Lift for 18 years. Safety being my utmost concern, the C drive system has never failed. My boat actually rode out Hurricane Wilma in 2005 on the lift with no problem.

My next biggest concern is service. On two occasions in these 18 years there was an electrical problem with the motors. Both times the service response was incredible and the weekend boating trip saved.

We recently opened a 70 slip marina at Brickell Place in downtown Miami after a complete rebuilding. Because of my great experience, I was encouraging the members to use Golden Lifts in the new marina.

Most listened to my recommendation. Those that didn’t are already experiencing major problems with their new lifts. These problems are further aggravated because they are having difficulty in getting timely service. Members of the marina then come to me with their problems. My only response is I wish they had gone with a Golden Lift.

Ignacio Rua, MD
President, Brickell Place Marina

October, 2017

I picked up the newspaper from driveway just before you delivered the box. Sorry I missed you. Thank you again for going WAY beyond expectations.

I enjoy my Golden Boat Lift. Now I will be a fan of Golden and I will always be appreciative of your help and service.

Thank you. When it’s done right it really is Golden!


June 6, 2017

Just had a Golden Boat Elevator lift installed by Ron’s Marine in Michigan on Lake Saint Clair. Quality lift!

Frank Labellarte

February 5, 2017

I have a 20000 LB lift. Initially, there were some installation problems. Bill Golden worked with the seller and flew a crew up from Florida numerous times until the problem was alleviated. He personally oversaw any and all issues. The quality of the lift is second to none. I only wish I had installed this lift 12 years ago when I purchased the boat. I highly recommend Golden Boat Lifts. Bill Golden is a man of high integrity and will not forget about you after the sale.

Wayne Sinclair
Manahawkin, New Jersey

August 15, 2016

Hi Ken,

I had the absolute pleasure installing a lift I sold with Bryan Russell. The client for the 4 Motor 20 Gatorvator, Mr. King, was also extremely pleased.

Bryan has it together. He was able to work with my crew without a hitch while handling the phone with a needy client from Sandusky. I did feel his pain there. He never missed a beat though.

As a prior employer with a staff of 125, I know just how lucky you guys at Golden are having Bryan on your crew.

I am looking forward to the next install for which I handed Bryan a check. There will be more to come for sure.

Great product with superb support.

It was a couple of really hot days made cooler by having Bryan and Golden on site.


Doug Kinne

December 22, 2015

Hi James,

Couldn’t be happier with the lift and the professionalism of everyone at OC Boatlifts. I’m in Captains cove on Scimitar way. The new lift replaced my old lift that prematurely failed because It was not Installed correctly by another company. The new elevator lift is awesome. They ajusted the lift by just having the boat make and model.. perfect fit. They even called and texted pictures to me before completion as I wasn’t there when they finished. Offered to come back when I was ready to put boat on the lift, they didn’t need to.

They also put in a jet ski swinger lift several years ago for me, wonderful job. They even replaced the copper cap on a piling they had had to shorten during the job. Nice attention to detail. Feel free to call if you have any questions or would like to see the lift.

Bob McLaughlin

September 17, 2015


Just wanted to let you know how much I love this lift and appreciate OC Boat Lifts work. It’s exactly what I wanted and envisioned. The guys who installed it were great and meticulous in their work as well as professional and patient with all my questions.

Thanks again!

Keith Kaiser

A Canadian Thank You!

Hi Folks!

Just a short note and photo of the recent install done by Ken Kehoe of Kehoe Marine Construction.

Ken and his company are the premier dock builders in our area and he is an excellent ambassador for your brand here in Ontario. Ken clearly understands the demands that both our boating season and winter season place on a dock and his strong endorsement of Golden Lifts was great advice. We are thrilled with the final results. Easy on/Easy off and high and dry when not in use.

The dock is located on the South Shore of Howe Island, in the heart of the famous 1000 Islands. We are excited about the upcoming boating season with our new Golden Lifts! You should be very proud of your partnership with Kehoe.

Thank you Bill and Company for understanding the needs of boaters the world over and building a fantastic product.

“Golden” Regards,
Mike Spies

August 29, 2014

Dear Ken,

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank both you and Golden Lifts for the assistance in getting my lift operational again.

In this day and age, it is highly unusual to receive that type of support and help to rectify the problem and as I had explained in our phone call, in the end the problem had nothing to do with your product; but you continued to only care about getting me operational again.

Being on the main channel on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York, my Golden Lift is essential to the safety of our boat. I feel secure in knowing that you and River Rock Dock are there should any problems arise.


Paul Chapman

July 30, 2012

I purchased this lift from Ron´s Marine in Algonac, MI. I couldn´t be more happy with the Golden Lift and Ron´s team. Great equipment and great installation. The boat is a 240cc Everglades and the lift is a 10,000 lb capacity.

I get as many complements on the lift as I do on the boat!

Thanks for making a great product!

Mike Lindbeck

June 15, 2012


The new aluminum Golden boat lift that Todd & his crew @ Stokes Marine installed for my new Duffy electric keel boat is really great. Going from the prior almost new galvanized lift for the prior Grady White boat to your new aluminum lift @ a fair price was definitely the right choice. Fitting the lift to the existing pilings while giving dock access to the port & starboard Duffy steps worked out perfectly. Also confirming sufficient water depth at the dock to float the keel off the lift @ seasonal low water in the canal system was right on. Thanks for all your thought and hard work that went into this project.

Again, much thanks.

Tom Randt

Also, everyone comments on the sealed gear driven Golden Sea Drive Motors. I can’t imagine anyone in Florida still using the old style high maintenance ones.

May 23, 2012


I would like to thank you for the outstanding job performed replacing my existing dock with Tan Deck material along with the new Golden boat lift. The entire crew at Stokes Marine, Inc from the barge operators to the framing and decking crew were very professional and all worked well together as a team. The work-site was always left very neat and clear of debris at the end of each days work.

It is clear to me the reason your crews are so professional and teamwork oriented is due to the leadership provided to them by you. You have indoctrinated your philosophy of high expectations in customer service and satisfaction into each and every associate within your organization with positive results.

I would also like to thank your Sales Manager Tony Wallis as he was very informative on any question I had on the scope of this project. Tony went above and beyond to see to it that the replacement dock met all my expectations and made himself available to me throughout the project when needed.

Thank You,

Paul Tidwell

January 27, 2012

Tony Wallis
Stokes Marine
9340 College Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Dear Tony:

I’d like to thank you for the wonderful job you and your firm did on the installation of our new Golden Boat Lift. I especially appreciated that you did what you said you would do at the time you said you would do it. I know you had challenges getting the permits cleared, so by getting the installation finished when you did, you saved me the cost of another month of dockage rental from the local marina.

I cannot believe how the lift handles the raising of the boat. I am glad I chose the 24,000 Ib lift Golden Boat Lift. It certainly looks like it’s built to last. It is great having the boat located in front of our house. Again, thanks again for your efforts.


George W. Nutial

December, 2011

Tony Wallis
Stokes Marine
9340 College Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Dear Golden Manufacturing,

A couple of years ago I made inquiries to you about my possible purchase of a Golden Lift. That was the easy part, At the time, you had no one in my area who was capable of installing your lifts. My purchase of a boat and a Golden Lift was put on hold.

Things changed, this time for the better, when Custom Marine Systems out of East Rockaway, NY became an authorized installer of your lift systems, Mr. Angelo DeMeo sold me a 10 ton elevator and installation package. The installation work was completed last October. During the few days it took. Mr. DeMeo was always concerned with the quality of the job, staying on the established time line and keeping the work site safe and clean. After installation he was readily available for follow up adjustments (fine tuning the limit switch, setting up the bunks to accommodate a new boat, etc.).

I am very satisfied with the Golden Elevator and Custom Marine Systems and would highly recommend them both.


Michael Hughes
Baldwin Harbor, NY

January 12, 2012


Here is my statement about the Golden lift and your company’s installation. Thanks for your efforts in coordinating the work, ensuring that schedules were met and the work was high quality.

The Golden boat lift is vastly superior to other lifts I have owned and used. It is fast, quiet and smooth and the two sides stay in alignment. The mechanism is more attractive than the more common white boxes of most lifts. Stokes Marine did a first class installation. Their Service Manager fine tuned the bunks and guides to fit my boat and dock perfectly.


Rehoboth Beach, DE – July 14, 2011

Dear Randy ‘Boat Lifts of Ocean City,’

Thanks for the Golden Boat Lift installation. It is a beautiful machine and so quiet. There is just no comparison to the one you removed – old and decrepit and about to catch fire. The guy?s did a super efficient job erecting the lift and everything is working fine.

Thanks again,
D. St. Germain

Naples Daily News – Jan. 11, 2011

John Giddyup Bunch’s – ‘Ask the Captain’

Jimmy from Marco Island, “This is not a fishing question but I have to replace my boat lift. Who makes the best boat lift and how big should it be? My boat is 24 feet long.”

Dear Jimmy, Know this Jimmy, bigger is always better when it comes to boat lifts.

Golden Boat Lifts are built to the highest standards.

My boat lift is not a Golden but my next one will be. Golden will service and guarantee what they sell.

My best advice would be to establish a 10,000 lb. lift as your minimum entry level. My choice for you would be a 15,000 lb. Golden. Trust me, there is not a better-made boat lift than a Golden. “GiddyUp!”

Hi Bill, Art, Marty and Matt,

Thank you for your assistance in installing the FIRST GOLDEN LIFT IN HAWAII!

Matt, your crew was diligent, on time – briefly ?outstanding and true Professionals.

Bill you planned everything just right, amazing and professional.

Art- you were good company.

And Marty – you made a good sale and perfect support. (The template was the essential component)

Once again thank you all. And hopefully there will be many more lifts in Hawaii!


My Name is Jarl Gunnar. I live in the South West part of Norway, in a small town called Larvik. I have a boathouse where I have my boat all year. The wind from the north is at times severe, and I have had so many sleepless nights watching over my boat. Sometimes in freezing weather… After researching the market I found out that the best one is Arctic Boatlifts.

I made contact with Arctic Boatlifts A.s of Norway, and ordered my lift for my boathouse. I do not regret it for a second. I am so happy. I do not even think about the weather anymore, and the quality that Golden Boatlifts in Florida uses is second to none. The installation is also beautiful.

Thank you so much. I am recommending YOU to all my neighbors and friends.

Jarl Gunnar
Have a very pleasant evening there!

The conditions in Scandinavia are quite different from the ones in California, as you can see from the pictures I have enclosed. Except for the barnacles and other growth on the boat, we suffer from a very harsh climate, tides and ice.

Here boats are taken up to boat yards for the winter, usually in October and put down in the water again in May. This makes the boating season very short and winter keeping costly. With the climate change, the sea can be free from ice off and on during the winter season. I wanted to have the possibility to use my boats whenever the sea is ice free.

I bought a Golden lift and found it very easy to install and operate. I was so convinced by the quality and straightforward construction of the lift that I decided to ask for dealership and started selling Golden lifts in Finland. All my clients have been very happy with the lifts and there hasn’t been any problems at all, which is not self evident for mechanical equipment dealing with big forces.

I have later updated my 12K elevator lift to the new Sea Drives and 3000 RPM 3-phase motors, which doubled the speed.

Golden Boatlifts has been a good and reliable supplier and very flexible in making us custom models that suit our extreme conditions.

Henrik Paersch
Helsinki, Finland


We love our Golden boatlift and the job you and Cory did for us. It was not obtrusive at all and that was what we were hoping for.

J Durgan

Dear Golden Boatlifts and Staff,

I want to thank the entire Golden staff for its outstanding products and service. It is easy for us to sell, install, and service a product with superior quality and craftsmanship. The professionalism, courtesy and caring of both the office and shop staff is reflected in the quality of your product. I would never consider looking for another supplier for our boat lifts; no other company could measure up to the standards set in the industry by The Golden Team.

When we meet with our prospective customers, we say this is the type of lift we would have on our dock, and we do. With Golden boatlift’s superior gear box — the Sea-drive — and 3450 rpm motors, we can supply customers exactly what they are looking for in a lift. They all want reliability, speed, and warranty, which Golden delivers to all its customers.

Southeast Marine Construction/Southeast Atlantic Boatlifts has offices in Oakland Park and the Florida Keys and is committed to Golden Boatlifts. With the combination of our experienced sales and service departments along with Golden Boatlifts “it’s always done right”.

Keep up the good work.

Pete E. Diaz
Southeast Marine Construction of the Keys

Dear Billy,

I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and convey my appreciation and satisfaction with the installation of my new “Golden” boat lift. Have a nice weekend and I look forward to dealing with you in the again.

Mark Carter


Sherry and I just wanted to tell you again how pleased we are with your service and attention to detail relative to the purchase and installation of the 14,000 lb Sea Drive Aluminum/Stainless Golden Boat Lift. The installation by your contractor, Cory Locke Construction was handled with ease and we especially appreciated the extra time and design work he did to see that my wife was able to board the boat with her arthritis.

It was just such a pleasure to come into the marina and use the remote to lower our lift, pull right on and be able to step right out of the boat onto the finger pier which you had Cory modify for my wife’s use and special needs. The boat lift also solves our big problem of the dramatic low tides in the cooler months here in PCB. Again, we are most satisfied with our Sea Drive Golden Boat Lift and if we need a bigger lift in the future we are sure to come to you for that purchase and installation.

Thanks again,
James F. & Sherry Steffey

I have contracted with Duncan Seawall, Dock and Boat Lifts on more than one occasion and have been impressed with their professionalism and customer service, which includes other products and services they use. The last job was earlier this year when they built a 100 foot boat dock in my back yard with a Golden Boat Lift.

I had just been promoted to Captain in the United States Navy and had a promotion ceremony scheduled just a few weeks before the dock and boat lift project began. Duncan Seawall management made sure the dock and lift were completed before the ceremony and brought along a bottle of Dom P?rignon Champagne to boot! The Golden Boat Lift is quiet, reliable and user friendly. I most highly recommend Golden Boat Lifts for any boating enthusiast.

Michael W. Hartford
Ellenton, Florida


Now that my dock, boat cover and lift are all finished, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and top quality products. The Golden boat lift works perfectly and adding the remote control was a great idea. The cover is working great keeping the sun off the boat. You and your team did a top notch job for us on everything.

Pete Mallory

This is a letter of thanks for the job done by Cory Locke with Aqua Marine on my new dock and my Golden boatlift. Cory and Billy both convinced me the low profile installation would be best and my wife and I are both very happy with the results. Our view has not been interrupted and the operation of the lift is more than we could have hoped for. Our friends and neighbors think it is a fantastic look.

Thanks again for all your help and assistance.

Benny and Martha Allen

Billy, from one Dothan boy to another I want to thank you and Cory for the great job you did installing my Golden elevator lift. It is exactly as described and I am glad I made the decision to go with a Golden lift. You guys are pros and I will be a solid source of positive feedback to my friends and neighbors. Again thank you for the great job.

Earl Durden

We have been very pleased with our 16,000 pound Golden boat lift since it was installed last year in Panama City Beach, Florida. The lift has been trouble free, and we have enjoyed the ease of getting off and on our boat since it was installed. Billy McCue was very helpful and knowledgeable when we were looking for a boat lift.

Thank you for your great product.

Gene and Virgilynne Prewett

Smart Docks Inc.
Aransas Pass, TX


I wanted to thank you for the business relationship. When we met a year ago, you promised my company the highest quality lifts and the best service available on today’s market.

Golden Boat Lifts has exceeded my expectations. Many competitors state that a boat lift is a boat lift. They are wrong. Not only are your boat lifts quality built and trouble free, your service after the sale has been impeccable (unlike previous relationships with other boat lift manufacturers).

In terms of your staff, one word describes them.Great! Ken Felty and your entire team have been extremely professional and responsive, along with possessing high levels of knowledge and experience.

By joining the Golden Team, Smart Docks has moved up a couple of notches in the eyes of our clients.and that’s what it’s all about. We appreciate your ongoing help and support.

Best Regards,
Marvin L. Smart
President & CEO


I would like to thank you, Ken, Scott and Golden Manufacturing, Inc. for doing such a great job in correcting the install of my elevator lift and installing the new aluminum bunks. The system works great and it is good to know that Golden stands behind its products. Feel free to use me as a reference I am a satisfied customer and a Golden supporter.

Thank you for your help.

Edward J. Perez
Toms River, NJ 08753

Inlet Marine
510 City Park Ave.
Portsmouth, VA 23701

Dear Chuck,

Inlet Marine is one of the most professional organizations I have had the pleasure of dealing with. They simply say what they are going to do and do it. Of all the boatlifts I have owned, my Golden lift is the quietest and most reliable. I would recommend Inlet Marine and Golden Boat Lifts to anyone.

David Lee

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is working with Golden Boat Lifts. We have been doing business together since 1996 and have enjoyed being your world wide leader 5 of those years and a top 10 dealer the other 6 years.

In this industry, as you know, customer service is key and no matter what we throw your way, someone is there to provide us with an answer. Another benefit of the Golden Boat Lift is being able to say that Duncan Seawall is installing the highest quality lift available on the market. To be able to obtain this quality advantage in this industry is paramount to our continued success.

Finally, as you know, not all boats will fit on a standard lift. When we come to Golden with a custom lift configuration, we know that Golden will provide us with a cost effective solution to any configuration we can throw your way.

We at Duncan Seawall will sell no other lift than the Golden Boat Lift, and when we install over 300 lifts per year, that is saying something!

Mark Liebel

It has been such a pleasure working with Duncan Seawall. The Golden Boats Lifts are GREAT. The 20,000-lb lift with the new “SEA” drives is so quiet; you can not tell it is moving.

The 10,000-lb beamless lift makes accessibility easy and it does not block the view. What a difference from the old style lifts with the top beams.

The Duncan staff was efficient and courteous and I look forward to working with you on the seawall (hopefully many years out).

Karen L
Bradenton, FL

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