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Golden Dock Lift System

The Golden Dock Lift System provides you with a convenient, attractive & environmentally sensitive addition to your dock area. Integrated into every unit is a Golden Boat Lift® with exclusive Golden Sea-Drives®.

Innovation At Work For You!

Self Contained Lift & Dock Featuring:

  • Decking To Match Your Environment
  • Concealed Mechanics
  • Complete Access To Boat
  • Unobstructed Water View
  • Optional Solar Power

Floating Dock With Built-In Boat Lift!

The Ideal Solution For Many Waterways

  • Flexible And Moveable
  • Plug-In AC Power Standard
  • Optional Solar Power (DC)
  • Adjustable Upper And Lower Stops
  • Contractor Decked To Match Any Environment
  • Easily Installed, Moved And Removed
  • Can Be Installed Where Piles Cannot

Floating Dock Lift Capacities are...

4,500# to 24,000#

Floating Boat Lift
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Charlestown Marina Charlestown Marina Golden Dock Lift System Float Lift Float Lift Installed In Miami Beach Marina
20,000 LB capacity Solar Powered Float lift in Belize 24,000 Float Lift in Jebel Ali Marina Dubai Floating Dock complete with Golden Boat Lift Floating Dock complete with Golden Boat Lift Floating Dock complete with Golden Boat Lift