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Golden Dock Lifts

The Golden Floating Dock Lift System provides you with a convenient, attractive & environmentally sensitive addition to your dock area. Integrated into every unit is a Golden Boat Lift® with exclusive Golden Sea-Drives®.

Floating Dock Lift Capacity

  •   4,500 lbs – 30,000 lbs

Larger lifts are available upon request.

Innovation At Work For You!

Self Contained Lift & Dock Featuring:

  • Decking To Match Your Environment
  • Concealed Mechanics
  • Complete Access To Boat
  • Unobstructed Water View
  • Optional Solar Power

Floating Dock With Built-In Boat Lift!

The Ideal Solution For Many Waterways

  • Flexible and Moveable
  • Plug-In AC Power Standard
  • Optional Solar Power (DC)
  • Adjustable Upper and Lower Stops
  • Contractor Decked To Match Any Environment
  • Easily Installed, Moved and Removed
  • Can Be Installed Where Piles Cannot

PATENT: 7,509,916

Floating Dock / Lift Photo Gallery

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