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Golden Boat Lifts has been building boat lifts for more than 35 years.

Bill Golden, a long-time veteran in the boat lift industry, saw a need… a need for a company who puts design, craftsmanship, quality, safety, and service before price.

Bill’s experience and quality approach have earned him the respect and confidence of customers around the world. His motto “When It’s Done Right, It’s Golden !” says it all.

Golden Boat Lifts® is committed to supplying Boat Lifts that are safe, good looking, easy to operate and dependable. Golden Boat Lifts® uses modern methods, technology and skilled technicians. Our Lifts are welded because we believe that the extra expense of skilled welders and the best welding materials are worth it. Don’t take our word for it; just ask Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW and Jaguar just to name a few high end Quality companies that know very well that a welded aluminum body and frame is far superior to a bolted one. Backed by thirty years of manufacturing Boat Lifts, our knowledge of boats and lifts allows us to bring you the finest Boat Lift possible anywhere in the world.

Golden Boat Lifts® encourages you to compare our products and company reputation to all other boat lift manufacturers, and You will understand why our customers come back time after time to buy our products.

Please call Golden Boat Lifts® before you buy a boat lift, we will introduce you to your local factory trained Golden Boat Lifts® dealer, and they will assist you through the installation process from beginning to end. We guarantee that your satisfaction in our priority.

Golden Boat Lifts has a professional team made up of industry leaders.

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Why Buy Golden Boat Lifts?

We can answer this question with one word: QUALITY.

Here are some of the most frequent questions about Golden Boat Lifts. If you have further questions for us, please contact a dealer near you. You can also reach us by Email.

That’s simple: when you bolt aluminum with a stainless steel fitting you create an environment for electrolysis due to the dissimilar metals involved. Drilled aluminum holes with a stainless steel bolt thorough it becomes pitted and weakened when in saltwater. Left unattended this will cause a failure. All critical parts are welded on all of Golden’s boat lifts. It is very important that the load bearing parts that go into the water are welded for a safe and reliable boat lift. After 15 years of watching the effects of aluminum and stainless steel together in a saltwater environment, we will never bolt a load bearing part and only use bolted assemblies on parts that need to be adjusted

Some say that welded lifts are not as strong. Well, they are wrong. If welded properly, the structure becomes stronger in the welded area due to the heat tempering process. The welds will never corrode, crack, or break if welded correctly. Welding is more expensive compared to drilling and bolting, it takes hi-tech equipment and skilled craftsmen to deliver the fine welded products built by Golden Mfg. When welded the material becomes one with no dissimilar metals to cause corrosion problems.

On our 4 Post lifts, we weld our bearing blocks between the channel structures so the shaft and bearings are out of sight. We believe that the shaft on top of the structure is unsightly, those that do it that way say it is to see the cables. Who wants to see the cables from inside their house? Our lifts are installed 6′ to 7′ above the dock or low profile 1′ to 2′ above the dock where in both situations you can inspect the cables each time you get on or off your boat.

Plastic will work OK in light duty applications, but in a heavy load situations they can become noisy and can’t be greased, swelling and shrinking from moisture and temperature change can cause the shaft to lock up. Plastic will also break down from the UV rays of the sun and from heavy loads. Steel bearings will rust and since they are sealed the grease will dry out. Aluminum bearing blocks are the only way to go. Golden has been using aluminum bearings with grease fittings for over 30 years without one single problem. That’s why we can have a 15 year warranty on our structures even with the bearings welded into the structure.The bearings are also warranted for 15 years!

Golden has been building boat lifts for over 22 years. We have the answers and we know how to do it right the first time. Golden’s warranty is the best in the industry, 2 years bumper to bumper and 15 years on the structure for the 4 post lifts.  *Please see warranty page for complete details

Our Mission is to manufacture the finest boat lifts available in our state of the art 3000 sq ft manufacturing facility. We use only the finest materials in our products with innovative solutions and quality being more important than short-term gains. Focusing on long term success, Golden will always outperform competition in terms of quality, service, and innovation.