Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Housing


The housing is cast-aluminum for light weight and corrosion resistance in salt water and humid environments. The housing is designed to provide separate lubrication reservoirs for the high-speed and low-speed gear sets to ensure proper lubrication without having to overfill. The housing is non-vented to prevent buildup of condensation inside the reducer in humid environments.

Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Gearing


The high-speed gear set is at 5:1 for high efficiency. It utilizes a production gear set from an industrial product line designed to SEA-Drive specifications. The worm is made from a heat-treated alloy steel and meshes with a bronze worm gear.

The low-speed gear set is a high-ratio (96:1) designed to have an extremely low helix angle to prevent any possibility of backdrifting. The large center distance of the low-speed gear set results in lower tooth loads for a given output torque.

Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Sealing

The SEA-Drive reducer utilizes spring-loaded duel-lip oil seals. The dual-lip design helps protect the sealing lip from outside contaminants and shaft corrosion. The spring-loaded sealing lips are more than capable of handling the small internal pressure that may result from the temperature changes that occur throughout the year.

Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Mounting

The SEA-Drive is shaft-mounted with a flange to accommodate a torque arm connection to resist rotation of the housing. This allows a flexible mounting system so the housing can move with the shaft without binding. This eliminates the need for a precise machined mounting surface to secure the housing to the frame.

Boat Lift Drives from Golden Boat Lifts Manufacturing


Golden Boat Lifts has the finest drive unit ever introduced for a boat lift system. The “SEA-Drive” enclosed flat plate lift system is driven by an oil bath gear reducer. Our system incorporates the gear box directly to the driveshaft, powered by either a 3/4 hp, 1 hp, 1 1/2 hp motor.

The SEA-Drive is a double-reduction worm gear reducer contained in a single housing. It was designed specifically for a boatlift application. The input is a NEMA 56C to allow mounting a standard electric motor directly onto the reducer. The output is a hollow shaft design that is sized to accommodate a standard 2-inch pipe. The connection to the pipe utilizes the cross bolt identical to the current Flat Plate design. This design provides maintenance-free service without grease lubrication intervals or belt drive adju

Nel-Sun Floating Dock With Golden Boat Lifts

Invented by marine construction expert Ben Nelson Jr. the Nel-Sun Zero Profile Floating Boat Lift provides you with convenient, attractive & enviromentally sensitive addition to your dock area. Integrated into every unit is a Golden Boat Lift with Golden’s exclusive SEA-Drive.

Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Bearings and Lubrication

Shafts and gears are supported by deep grove ball bearings to provide precision positioning and high efficiency. The low-speed worm bearings are pre-lubricated and shielded to ensure proper lubrication and contain the lubricant in the high-speed cavity.

The SEA-Drive reducer is factory filled with a proven high-quality lubricant. This high-viscosity grease is capable of handling the high shear stress inherent in worm gear products. The semi-fluid grease greatly reduces the potential for leakage.