Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Housing


The housing is cast-aluminum for light weight and corrosion resistance in salt water and humid environments. The housing is designed to provide separate lubrication reservoirs for the high-speed and low-speed gear sets to ensure proper lubrication without having to overfill. The housing is non-vented to prevent buildup of condensation inside the reducer in humid environments.

Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Gearing


The high-speed gear set is at 5:1 for high efficiency. It utilizes a production gear set from an industrial product line designed to SEA-Drive specifications. The worm is made from a heat-treated alloy steel and meshes with a bronze worm gear.

The low-speed gear set is a high-ratio (96:1) designed to have an extremely low helix angle to prevent any possibility of backdrifting. The large center distance of the low-speed gear set results in lower tooth loads for a given output torque.

Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Sealing

The SEA-Drive reducer utilizes spring-loaded duel-lip oil seals. The dual-lip design helps protect the sealing lip from outside contaminants and shaft corrosion. The spring-loaded sealing lips are more than capable of handling the small internal pressure that may result from the temperature changes that occur throughout the year.

Golden Boat Lifts SEA-Drive Mounting

The SEA-Drive is shaft-mounted with a flange to accommodate a torque arm connection to resist rotation of the housing. This allows a flexible mounting system so the housing can move with the shaft without binding. This eliminates the need for a precise machined mounting surface to secure the housing to the frame.

Boat Lift Drives from Golden Boat Lifts Manufacturing


Golden Boat Lifts has the finest drive unit ever introduced for a boat lift system. The “SEA-Drive” enclosed flat plate lift system is driven by an oil bath gear reducer. Our system incorporates the gear box directly to the driveshaft, powered by either a 3/4 hp, 1 hp, 1 1/2 hp motor.

The SEA-Drive is a double-reduction worm gear reducer contained in a single housing. It was designed specifically for a boatlift application. The input is a NEMA 56C to allow mounting a standard electric motor directly onto the reducer. The output is a hollow shaft design that is sized to accommodate a standard 2-inch pipe. The connection to the pipe utilizes the cross bolt identical to the current Flat Plate design. This design provides maintenance-free service without grease lubrication intervals or belt drive adju

Nel-Sun Floating Dock With Golden Boat Lifts

Invented by marine construction expert Ben Nelson Jr. the Nel-Sun Zero Profile Floating Boat Lift provides you with convenient, attractive & enviromentally sensitive addition to your dock area. Integrated into every unit is a Golden Boat Lift with Golden’s exclusive SEA-Drive.

Golden Boat Lifts Personal Watercraft Boat Lifts

Golden Boat Lifts manufactures the finest aluminum and stainless steel, single, two and four post, Personal Watercraft (PWC) Boat Lifts.

The single post 1,500 lb. The swivel design allow the track to raise and lower with the watercraft so there is no corrosion or growth on the tracks. The single post lifts swivel 180 degrees onto your dock or seawall.

They are built from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum with 300 series stainless steel hardware and cables. They mount to the pilings or with an optional mount for a seawall or deck installation.

Lift capacities are  available in 1,500 lb. capacity for craft up to a 6’ wide. The 3000 lb. two and four post lift with a 7’ maximum beam boat is stationary.

The 3,000 lb. unit is also available with our exclusive SEA DRIVES and Stainless Motors and can easily be converted to accommodate 2 PWC’s.

Golden Boat Lifts Four-Post Boat Lifts

Boat owners and marina operaters worldwide have turned to Golden’s Four-Post Boat Lifts for solutions to their boat lift needs.
These 4 piling units are traditional shafted beam boat lifts.
All Golden Lifts are welded for structural integrity while bolting is limited to components requiring adjustments.

This Economical Solution is engineered to withstand harsh saltwater conditions using 6061 T6 marine grade aluminum, hardware and cables are high quality 300 series stainless steel.

Golden Boat Lifts Promotes Green Construction Practices

RCI Marine Inc., primary developer of River Cove Yacht Harbor in Miami, FL, chose Golden Boat Lifts for their recent marina project. They chose Golden because of their expertise in commercial marina projects and the quality of their product.

In the first phase of this project they will be installing (10) 16,OOOIb capacity boatlifts and (12) 20,OOOIb capacity boatlifts.

These capacities of lifts will accommodate boats from approx. 30′ to 40′ in length. Since the boat is out of the water, Anti-Fowling paint, which has harsh chemicals in it that can contaminate our waters, is not required for the bottom of the boat. Also being used in this project are concrete piles which promotes the growth of filter feeders that can help clean the water.

So when you think green, think “Golden Boat Lifts!”

Golden Gatorvator Boat Lifts

Patented design (U.S. Patent 6,470,816) allows the motors to be placed on the shore side for easy maintenance and leveling from bow to stern for easy draining.

This is the best boat lift design for many reasons: The GatorVator™ lift requires only two drive spools. They are 3-1/2″ diameter and grooved for the longest cable life possible; the cables never wrap over the top of each other. These lifts have less cable than all other lifts with or without top beams; no electric wires run under the water and the lifting speed is 33% faster.

This design has eliminated the common objections of the top beam of a lift being unsightly and boarding a difficulty. This clean look and easy maintenance makes it a sure winner. It is adaptable to boat houses, existing pilings, and other structures. The GatorVator™ is user and installer friendly!