RCI Marine Inc., primary developer of River Cove Yacht Harbor in Miami, FL, chose Golden Boat Lifts for their recent marina project. They chose Golden because of their expertise in commercial marina projects and the quality of their product.

In the first phase of this project they will be installing (10) 16,OOOIb capacity boatlifts and (12) 20,OOOIb capacity boatlifts.

These capacities of lifts will accommodate boats from approx. 30′ to 40′ in length. Since the boat is out of the water, Anti-Fowling paint, which has harsh chemicals in it that can contaminate our waters, is not required for the bottom of the boat. Also being used in this project are concrete piles which promotes the growth of filter feeders that can help clean the water.

So when you think green, think “Golden Boat Lifts!”